Instrumental insemination

(On Location Instrumental Insemination)

This custom service is for beekeepers who would prefer to have their virgin Queen's instrumentally inseminated at their location. You would be charged $70.00 for this service per queen, which includes collecting drone semen from your stock or mine. Also, the virgin queen must be 5 to12 days old. Once inseminated, then two days later she will be anesthetized to stimulate ovaries and egg laying. To complete the process of insemination it will take 5 days to a week depending on numbers of virgin queens and conditions. You would be charged $300.00 for travel and accommodations which are based on the location from my Wyoming area. So that we can best accommodate your needs please call or email us. 


(Custom Instrumental Insemination Services)

This service is for beekeepers that want to have their virgin queens Instrumentally Inseminated. Like many queen producers, you may have select stock that you want to preserve. This is an opportunity to add mite resistance to your stock’s genetics. Virgin queens need to be at least 9 days old at the time of shipping, but not older than 14 days. We will examine them for physical flaws and then inseminate each queen with 7±1 microliters of semen and give two CO2 treatments to stimulate ovary development. Please note that these queens will not carry as much of the VSH trait as our breeder queens unless your stock has been grafted from a VSH breeder.  However, they should have significant resistance if you have some VSH in the virgins you send.  When we return your inseminated queens, you will be responsible for introducing them to the hive. Of course, you need to do that with any queen you receive, but these queens are different. They will not have laid eggs before you receive them, so they will require a more gradual introduction to the bees. The charges would be $100.00 per Insemination plus return shipping charges.


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